What A Week!

Just a quick post to say that I am still alive (although barely)... the new house is going well and internet is finally hooked up. I'll be back to regular blogging soon. Since we moved in, I've barely gotten to any reading- it has been go go go.. and on top of that, I have once again been diagnosed with pneumonia. I'm on a pretty heavy course of meds (as this is my 3rd go around with pneumonia) but still feeling pretty awful. Pneumonia fatigue is horrible- I'm beyond exhausted. On the upside, since I can't manage much more than 5 minutes of standing (or doing anything for that matter) I'll probably get some reading done. Hopefully I'll be good to go soon... and once I've got some energy I'll unpack the computer & load up some pictures and hop around the blogosphere! Xox Jenna


  1. Glad to know you are still alive! And I just got new neighbors who are still moving in and I've been helping them and stuff, so I can picture what's it been like for you!

  2. Gad to hear that you are getting settled and finally are moved in!! Hope you manage to get some rest, sounds like you are going through hell, hope u r better soon x you need a break bless ya xx Don't be rushing back to blogging, your true subbies will stand by you and wait for posts etc :) Hope u get to enjoy some reading....just noticed your fifty shades- how have you found it?
    take care hun, thinking of u xx