Harry Potter Christmas Party

I have had a lack in blogging lately- I'm crappy at keeping up with this during the holidays... always have been. I've been reading at a slower pace as well, but do have some reviews to write over my break (can't wait til Friday!)

So, until then.... I would like to share some pictures of a super fun Christmas party we went to over the weekend... our friends Jess and Tim hosted a Harry Potter Christmas party. We all dressed up as various characters and got "sorted" upon arrival. We played Quidditch pong and some other board games (like Apples to Apples) to earn house points. We ate yummy Harry Potter treats like Peanut Butter Frogs (I made those), pretzel Wands, Deathly Hallow cookies, and (adult!) Butterbeer... there was also a potion station to mix your own adult bevies. I went as Professor Trelawney and Bear dressed as a random Hogwarts student. Both of us happened to be sorted into Ravenclaw- and at the end of the party, Ravenclaw took the House Cup!

It was geekery at its finest... not only were we all Harry Potter geek-ed out, but we also discussed such geeky wonderfulness like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, and Firefly. Yep.. we're all a bit nerdy. So without further ado.. check out some eye candy from our very Harry Christmas!

Peanut Butter frogs I made for the party
I dressed up as Professor Trelawney, complete with a crystal ball and lots of doom & gloom predictions

Banners that I won (for best costume!), Moaning Myrtle hanging in the bathroom, Death Eater & dead Cedric, full shot of my Trelawney outfit, Jess (hostess with the mostest!) and I, Bear and I, and Darla (a free elf!)
Quidditch pong!

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