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When we bought our house, I figured that since it was "turn-key ready" and we didn't have to do a single thing (not even paint!) that we would be quickly settled. WRONG. It seems as though we still have endless things to unpack and put away. My garage is filled with stuff that we have (and need) but that we don't need right now... and my basement is a disaster. We are going to convert it into a bar & den on one side and the other side will be my craft room and the laundry room. Right now I just have piles of boxes of my craft stuff. Ugh. It is a task I am not yet ready to face.
I have been reading right along though. What has fallen behind has been my reviewing and blogging. I just haven't been keeping up to date and I have a slew of books that are ready for review... my goal this weekend is to get them written, as well as start in on the back reviews I have that need to get published! No more lazy blogging here- I am going to plan & post & schedule my reviews so I don't get behind like I am now.

Here are the books that I need to get reviewed / posts I am planning:

  • Notes to Self by Avery Sawyer
  • Harry Potter (thoughts on re-reading the series)
  • Beyond Harry Potter (thoughts on all the HP tie-in books)
  • The Hunger Games (thoughts on the series & phenomenon)
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
  • Ancestor (or, why I'm obsessed with Scott Sigler)
  • And all those other books from 2011 that I never did get around to reviewing

I know I've said this (or something similar) a million times. However, I feel like this time is different- I no longer have cable (making the conscious choice to be a TV-free family & only use our TV for movie nights) so I won't get sucked in to la-la-land and pass hours mindlessly. I also have a Kindle Fire and am beginning to try out blogging with it- so far, I am liking the portability and ease. Oh, and Bear is working Thursday and Friday night, plus he picked up a double on Saturday... so it looks like I will have a few evenings to dedicate to my blog!

Here's to better blogging intentions! :)

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