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Happy Friday Book Blogger Friends!

Jen at Crazy-for-Books is the hostess with the mostess and this week asks us:

When a book goes “viral” (Hunger Games, Fifty Shades, Twilight), do you rush out to read it like everyone else, even if it’s not in your typical genre?

Typically, no. I refuse to read Twilight (as I mentioned in this blog hop here) and Fifty Shades was the first hyped up book I've read in a really long time... and honestly, I didn't really like it.  Fifty Shades was out of my typical genre and it reminded me why I don't read "erotic romance".  See my thoughts here. I didn't read Harry Potter until long after it had already gone viral. In general, I'm not big on the hyped-up book wagon.

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  1. I did read Twilight, but before I knew about it, still unsure about 50 shades and I forgot about Harry Potter but I read that after watching the first movie not really because of the hype.

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  2. My aunt had bought me all the Harry Potter books when I was little and I read some but not the whole series, then some movies came out and I read the whole series
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  3. I'll never read FIFTY SHADES no matter how much hype it gets. I just don't do erotica at all. With other hyped-up books, it just depends.

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  4. I did read twilight before the craziness of the movies hit. I however have not read Harry Potter, yet. I say yet because alot of book get way over hyped and I dont want to go into that book with higher than normal expectations.
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  5. I read Twilight before all the hype, but I've always been a Harry Potter fan :) But generally I don't read books just because of the hype.

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  7. I do end up reading the 'hyped' books eventually, just when they are hyped. I'm usually busy reading something else. =)
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  8. I can't believe I found someone else who didn't like Fifty Shades. I thought I was the only one. You are better than me, though, because you read the whole series. I didn't, although I guess I'll get back to it.

  9. You sound just like me Jenna :) I don't give into the hype either.


  10. I don't rush out no, if I want to read them,then will read them in my own time. I said I would never read twilight, didn't interest me at all but a few mths ago I ended up watching the movie. I really enjoyed it and was shocked so I thought right before I watch the other films I must read the series. I have eing on pg 100 on the first bk for mths-just haven't picked it bck up!

    I haven't read the hunger games yet, I will eventually. I haven't read fifty shades, my friend borrowed them me but I don't know whether to bother.

    I really dislike hype! If sum thing is hyped I stay away! Lol

  11. I fall victim to hype sometimes, but I try to stick within my genres that I like.