Pinned It & Did It

This month I have joined up with Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity and other bloggers to complete a very Pinteresting ChallengeThis time I focused on a Harry Potter pin. 

I'm reading the Harry Potter series with my class, and we just recently finished Prisoner of Azkaban. As some of you know, I plan a party after each book where we have a "movie screening" in the gym and get fun little treats and a special lunch. Since Prisoner of Azkaban has a lot of focus on Dementors, I wanted to find something Dementor-related for a treat. I found this cute idea for Dementor Chocolate on Pinterest and added it to my Harry Potter board.

My version is a bit different, mainly because I wanted to give my students less chocolate since they were already drinking sugar-filled Butterbeer. I found an image of a Dementor on Google Images and then added "In case of Dementors, open IMMEDIATELY!" to the picture. I cut them out, added mini chocolate bars to baggies, and attached the image. 
The kids thought they were a riot! They certainly aren't as cute as the original pin- but I had to sacrifice cuteness for less sugar consumption!

Happy Pinning! (and doing!)

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  1. This is such a fun idea!! I love seeing how Pinterest is helping bring to light some really fun and creative projects.