Pin It & Do It (number 3, 4, and 5)

Pin It & Do It Challenge -- number three, four, and five!

I have a pinterest board dedicated to all things camping- it isn't my biggest board, but it does have a few gems on there!  We just returned home from a camping trip and I used some of those pins while we were away.

The first pin was a campfire breakfast pin called "campurritos", originally blogged on Ninth & Bird here. We made meatless versions, just because we didn't have any breakfast sausage on hand and I was too lazy to go buy some. Yep, I'm lazy like that. We made plain cheese & egg wraps for Madeline but added in onions and peppers to ours. I followed the directions to cook it all up, then wrap in foil... I didn't freeze them because I made them the night before the trip. They were easy and yummy for sure, however we noticed with our first breakfast attempt they were a bit soggy... so when we cooked them the next morning, we took them out of the foil and put them on our griddle over the fire- MUCH better, not soggy at all! No picture from me, though they did look scrum-diddly-umptious and I wish I had!

The next tip we tried (actually we tried this last week around a fire in our yard, but brought it camping for further testing) from my pin board was the Listerine as bug spray pin. There isn't a source for this one, just an image of a bottle of Listerine, so I can't say where the tip originated from. However, I can tell you that it isn't that great. It kept the mosquitoes at bay, but it did nothing for the little annoying gnats or any other buggies flying around. Not to mention that users end up smelling like Listerine for the rest of the day. I wouldn't recommend this- go buy a non-toxic and organic bug spray instead! 

Lastly, I made a cute chip clip card holder for Madeline, inspired by a pin on my KidStuff pinboard. The idea was originally blogged on The Crafting Chicks here. First of all, this idea is genius. Kids love to play cards (Bean loves UNO) but have such a hard time holding them all... a chip bag clip is the solution! I pinned this a long time ago, and it took me forever to find the wide chip clips. I only had the small ones at my house and couldn't seem to find the big ones... of course, I looked last at the dollar store- which is where they are! I personalized Madeline's with foam stickers that she picked out. She thinks it looks pretty darn cute. But guess what?! We never even used it. Not because it didn't work (I assure you, we gave it a test run and it works!) but because we never settled down to a good card game while camping. Oh well... we will play with it at home some time I am sure. For now, I can say it works on the basis of testing it out after I first made it. Totally cool idea and definitely worth doing!

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  1. LOL! Listerine bug spray?! ;) Though the chip clip is very cute and would make a great kiddo project.