Dawn of Zombie Haiku

Yesterday while out & about I picked this little gem of a book up at Ollie's. I quite enjoy zombies and haiku's, so the title and gore-filled cover drew me in. I flipped through the book and loved the immediate style of a journal. Then I turned it over at saw it was only $1.99, so at that steal, the deal was done. I chucked it in the cart and figured it'd be a nice light read around the campfire that evening.

As the fire died down and we retired to the tent, I grabbed a flashlight and cracked the spine on Ryan Mecum's Dawn of Zombie Haiku.
The story follows Dawn, a 10 year old girl who is about to experience the zombie apocalypse. Her Dad bought her this journal (we are privy to reading her secret diary, yay!) so that she may continue to write her thoughts, all in haiku form. She narrates her journey through the zombie apocalypse in bubble letters, haiku, doodles, and blurry photographs... all taped in place.. with a few blood splatters here and there.
Overall, this was a fun little read. I love the smashbook style of her journal and the concept of the zombie apocalypse being viewed through a 10 year old's eyes. It was silly and at times a wee bit disgusting... for example:
"If I push my eye,
my tear ducts make squishy sounds
and maggots pop out"
Yummy, right? I thought that Mecum did a good job portraying a possible (inevitable??) zombie apocalypse through a child's eye. Interesting, quick, and fun, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a little dash of gore in their reading stacks. Also, I suggest it to readers who aren't squimish... and if you're looking for top-notch literary haiku's, you might want to look somewhere else- these haiku's are fun... Dawn of Zombie Haiku isn't a poetry book!

Enjoy your brains,
write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow

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