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Welcome to the weekly Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Jen over at Crazy-for-Books

This week, she asks:
What is the one genre you will NEVER read?

Hmmm... I'm pretty big on at least giving all things a try, but I can say that I will most likely never read any book that is strictly Religious Fiction. If a book contains some religious aspects, that would be a book I will still pick up. However, if it is strictly Religious Fiction, I can say that it will not be likely to fall into my hands. The genre is not particularly interesting to me, and as a person who does not adhere to any religion, it is just something that is not a fit for me. I have read many reviews of Religious Fiction, and I must admit, some do interest me while reading reviews.... however, I am unlikely to ever actually read those that do peek my interest a bit. There is so much out there I want to read, that I'm just not very likely to pick up books from this genre.

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  2. I have to agree with you, and I have a few other genres I NEVER read as well.

  3. There are some Christian fiction books that aren't overly religious, but sometimes it's hard to tell, and I get that if you don't adhere to the religion, you're not going to read it!

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  4. See, now there's a genre that I didn't even think of while pondering my answer to this weeks question. I can't imagine that I'd read any Religious Fiction either. It just doesn't interest me.

    Have a great weekend and happy reading!

  5. Makes sense that you wouldn't read those kind of books. Even though I am very religious, I usually shy away from those kinds of books as they tend to be too preachy for my tastes. Sometimes I enjoy a good, spiritually uplifting read, but not all the time, you know?

    Happy Hopping!

  6. New follower via BBH, wishing you a fun weekend.

  7. That was my answer as well!! This genre was the first one to pop up in my mind, mostly because I've read books where there's so much religious aspects to it. Felt like the author was trying shove religion down my throat.

    My answer.. even though it's the same as yours.

  8. I tend to agree with you on that; I don't enjoy anything "preachy."


  9. Personally for me it is Poetry...I don't like it and most of the time it just annoys me.