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Back in May I wrote a quick write-up about my experience with Fifty Shades of Grey... I normally shy away from the hype, but I was intrigued due to the sheer amount of hype and discussion that was fluttering around this book (and series as a whole). It was on the radio, on TV, whispered between colleagues and friends... I figured that if I wanted in on the discussion I better crack it open.

I didn't immediately like Fifty Shades of Grey. I thought the writing was weak and the characters too cookie-cutter. I was desperately waiting for a story... but was disappointed when the same things kept happening over and over again. I got sick of Ana's whining and sick of Christian's bullshit. I knew there was depth to him and his control freak tendencies, but EL James didn't give much more than a few hints as to why- which seriously annoyed me. What I did find redeeming was the ending of Fifty Shades of Grey - I liked the cliff hanger and I had to admit that I wanted to keep pressing on.

So I did, a few months later... a colleague at work let me borrow her copy of Fifty Shades Darker and promised me that although the writing does not improve (and the cliches keep coming) the story begins to have a bit of depth. True, it does. Fifty Shades Darker is just that- darker and it explores more of the characters and their histories, specifically Christian. The addition of some new villains added to the experience as well, although I thought it was highly predictable. I finished out Fifty Shades Darker and purchased Fifty Shades Freed just so that I could finish the series. I must admit that the ending to Fifty Shades Darker didn't leave me hanging as much as Fifty Shades of Grey did, but I still wanted to press on.  And besides, I have pneumonia... there isn't much else I can do- so laying around reading was about it. 
gotta say that I struggled to finish Fifty Shades Freed. I wasn't impressed and I wasn't interested anymore. The same plot lines kept coming up, the same cliches and sex scenes, the same of whining Ana and controlling Christian, and the same predictability. Oh and stop with the childish "my sex" (goddammit call it your clitorisvagina! whatever!... just stop with the "touching my sex" and "my apex" bullshit). I just got so tired of the same... it was very repetitive. 
However, I'm glad I pressed on and finished the series- just so I can say I did and have intelligent conversations about the trilogy. I know that MANY women loved it and MANY women loathed it. I certainly enjoy all the conversations I see happening surrounding this book... and I gotta say I am interested to see if the whole "50 Shades Babies" predictions will come true... hmmm, a late 2012/early 2013 baby boom? Hahaha... just as long as people don't name babies Anastasia and Christian left and right!

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  1. Hi hun,

    I have just done a post this weekend for my 'stacking the shelves' to say that i have borrowed these off a friend. I am hesitate to read them due to the writing and lack of story etc etc, and i'm bored i will not be able to read them all and push thru it. I need to see what the hype it though lol.

    Have you head of 'Bared to you' this is another book on similar lines to this trilogy which is getting some mentions. I read the excerpt and was blushing haha but i wanted to read more!!

    Oh and the baby boom- funny you should say that because i am really interested in seeing if that happens. I am a midwife and you definitely get trends in baby booms but since there has being a 'recession' it seems to be a constant baby boom and always crazy busy. I am sure there will be a surge, when there is a really bad snowed in winter, you will find a baby boom after haha. I am currently off sick though due to my illness so not getting to deliver any lil ones :) xx