Why I love TeeFury

I love Teefury. It's a website that has a daily t-shirt by a featured artist for sale for $10.... every day the t-shirt changes to a new design, and if ya miss it- it's gone! I check the site from my phone every day to check out what the new design is... and often, there are really cool mash-ups, memes, and bookish shirts.  We have a pretty good collection in our house... here are a few of my favorites.

Harry Potter & Banksy mash-up
Bear's Redrum shirt (hard at work at the bar)
Hunger Games weaponry
Bear's Lion-o and my Planet of the Snapes

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  1. Haha, omg they are so funny and cool. You gonna have me checking this out now but i won't be able to buy them.
    haha x

  2. TeeFury, the Yetee and Qwertee all carry a wide variety of artists worth supporting.