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Hello Friday Blog Hoppers!
Jen at Crazy-for-Books asks us a blogging question this week:

What is one thing that your blog readers probably don't know about you?

Hmmm... I'm pretty open, so much of my life is blogged about at some point on here. I guess one thing my bloggers don't know is that I am a really good cook. Yep- I am tooting my own horn.  Cooking is something I love to do and am great at... I make everything! Also, being Italian, I have some killer family recipes. 

One of the biggest factors in buying our home recently was the kitchen... I wanted space and I wanted a quality gas range- and after months upon months of house hunting, we found the perfect house with a pretty damn near perfect kitchen (hello almost brand-new stainless steel amazing appliances!) 

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  1. A good kitchen is really important. My kitchen has a lot of problems and it drives me crazy. good for you!