Book Sale!

I love a good book sale... as a book hoarder, I thoroughly enjoy pawing through  piles and stacks to find the perfect additions to my to be read pile. I don't go to book sales too often- mainly because I don't have the space & I feel  a bit guilty snatching up books that will sit on my TBR shelf for ages before I get to them.

Two weeks ago Barrett and I stopped in to this book sale downtown in an old warehouse. The sale was benefiting Action for Older Persons -- hardback went for a quarter and paperback went for a dime. What a steal!

Here is a picture of the warehouse (and let me tell you, it was HOT up there):

And my book haul ($1.55)
Thankfully, I only brought $2 worth of quarters with me in order to save the TBR pile from toppling over.

I think it was a GREAT haul

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  1. Omg! That's awesome! Like you, I try to avoid these kind of sales. My local library holds their book sales every 6 months and they have a certain hour that if you pay $3, then you are give a paperbag and you could fill it with as many books as you can. I've only done it once two years ago. Got myself 28 books. I've only read 5 of them so far. The others are still waiting for me to read. :/

  2. that is a FABULOUS haul especially for the money! good work! :-)