Kindle Fire

Oooh happy day. I officially joined the Kindle club!! A little less than 2 weeks ago I got a Kindle Fire... Barrett got a nice little bonus in his check and knew that I was dying to buy one, so he took me to the store and we got it! I was super excited. I've been busy trying to figure it all out and adding books to my library. Now that I have a Kindle, my reading (hopefully) with increase... I am going to use the formula of one paperback and one Kindle book to read more than one at a time.. and maybe even throw a bulky into the mix and go for three at once!

So far, the thing has barely left my side... I got a pretty little cover and a cute Harry Potter cozy for it as well, both from etsy. I also invested in the matte screen protector- it makes reading it outside much easier since it is back-lit and the matte protector keeps the sun from glaring off it.

My cover from the etsy shop Sew it Girl
My Harry Potter cozy from etsy shop Life Geekery

So, Kindle users... what great sites can I find free books & whats the deal with lending and borrowing books on a Kindle?

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  1. I love the Harry cozy! I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award.


  2. Awwww!!!! Thank you so much for writing such nice comments about the cover that I made for you! :) As to your question... I have had the most success with http://www.lendle.me. I have been able to borrow many books here. :) Happy Reading! :D