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Happy Friday! It is that time of the week again- Book Blogger Hop!  

Hosted by Jen at Crazy-For-Books, our question this week is:

If you could be a character from any book, who would it be?

I can't say that I had to think too hard about this, and my apologies for once again coming back to Harry Potter... but I would have to be Hermione Granger. In a previous Book Blogger Hop, I told you all of how she is my favorite character and why... all of that rings true and is a huge influence on me as to why I would want to be her.  I think that she is strong (and stubborn), caring, smart, and full of complexity. Her growth and change throughout the series is also a factor here. I've always loved Hermione and her adventures... besides, I would REALLY love to attend Hogwarts!

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  1. Love Hermoine and would love to go to Hogwarts too!

  2. Hermione - good choice! She is smart and a wizard- that would truly be awesome.
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog. :)

  3. Oh Hermione! She was my other choice but Scarlett won.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am enjoying your blog and I am now a follower :D

  4. I love Hermione. When I was a little kid reading Harry Potter I idolized her. Now as an adult, not much has changed! She is certainly my number one heroine on any list.

  5. Great choice! I think I might pick her to, she's such a great heroine. Happy Friday!

  6. Great choice! However, I would have to pick between Ginny or Luna as my favorite. :)

    Happy Reading!

    Kelsey @ Ketch's Book Nook

  7. I am out of the look I guess...don't like Harry Potter...Ouch....someone threw something at me. :)

    My first thoughts were.....I don’t think I would want to be any character in a book. :)

    But then I thought of two books I loved and listed those characters. :)

    Stop by for my full answer. :)

    Silver’s Reviews

  8. Ahh yes, Hermione :) One of the best female characters ever in my opinion! Strong and smart.

    Stopping by from Book Blogger Hop, love your blogs design!


  9. Absolutely! Strong, smart, and after all you would get to attend school in a castle. Who could ask for more? :) Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

  10. I thought about choosing Hermione, but in the end I chose Luna. Great choice though!

  11. I love Hermione. She is smart, brave and loyal. Great Choice

  12. The second Hermione I have come across... intersting. Just hopping through on the blog hop. I LOVE your blog layout, btw. So dang cute! Hope you can come check out my answer.

    Happy Monday!