Book Blogger Hop

Today I am joining the Book Blogger Hop hosted by Jen and Crazy-for-Books!  I've watched the hop from afar for quite some time, always lusting to join, but always fearing I would disappoint and not stick to posting and commenting due to a busy schedule.  Well, I still have that busy schedule.  But I also still want to give it a ago.  The Hop runs from Friday - Thursday, so I plan to join in and post on Fridays and enjoy meeting new bloggers through the linky as the week goes on.

This weeks question: 
Who is your favorite book character?

My favorite book character is Hermione Granger.  So many reasons factored in this decision. I sat down and thought about a few different characters that I love.  Katniss, Alice,  Piggy, Norton... the list went on. I ended up settling on Hermione because she was my first instinct and a character that I've related too over the years.  I've been fond of the Harry Potter Series since I first read them. Throughout reading and rereading, I have found myself drawn to Hermione.  She is strong- a very brave and intelligent girl who grows up during the series.  I felt that my stubbornness and occasional bout of "I'm never wrong!" attitude were quite in line with Hermione, but that I too, grew up. As J.K. Rowling has said of her own childhood, I was called a "know-it-all" as well... always masking my insecurities with my academic knowledge.  Hermione has a lot of depth- she is not JUST a know it all. I also love the relationship she has throughout the Harry Potter series with Ron.  Overall, Hermione is a super strong female character that I can relate to- over and over again.

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  1. I love Hermione too! She's smart, loyal, and hard working!

  2. So much better when you can relate to the character, isn't it? Hermione would be right up there near the top of my list, along with her cohorts Ron and Harry. They all grew up, grew together and found their real strengths as they aged. They are terrific role models, the witchcraftery aside, for their perseverance under pressure, strength during trial, faithfulness to a just cause, belief in the need to fight for what is right, and to rise above the petty prejudices of society.

    Pretty terrific story telling. I am really looking forward to J.K. Rowling's new book this September!

    Thanks for your comments on my Book Blogger Hop post. Have a terrific week!

  3. Oooh, Hermione, great choice! Love her! Thanks for stopping by my blogs. :)

  4. I love Hermione too, until Luna was introduced she was my favourite character in the series

  5. Thanks for stopping by. Great choice! I also love Hermione. She's such a great character. Next to Dumbledore, however, Ron is my next favorite. But, one of the reasons is that I love his relationship with Hermione. It's so cute.