To Be Read: updated, again.

As always, my TBR list just keeps growing!  Erica & Andy got me a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble for my birthday on Thursday.  Immediately after our lovely dinner at Olive Garden (mmmm eggplant parm!) Bear and I went over to B&N.  During dinner Erica and I were discussing Fifty Shades of Grey and I mentioned that I knew about the buzz but didn't have an eReader... to which she blew my mind and said "duh, it's on paperback now!".  YaY.

We got to B&N and about 2 minutes later a torrential downpour began.  So my "run in to grab 50 Shades" obviously (due to mother nature!) was extended into a "fill up the TBR list" trip.

I purchased Tales of Beedle the Bard and the Hogwarts Library -- I'm always happy when I purchase more Harry Potter things!  I've been waiting to get Tales of Beedle the Bard until I had some extra cash, and I was waiting for the Hogwarts Library to be available- every time I went it was gone!  I haven't read any of them, surprisingly.  I am pretty excited to get to those.

I also purchased A Stranger in Mayfair by Charles Finch.  I am not a big mystery fan, but I love his work and have all the other books in the Charles Lenox series.  The setting sweeps me away every time. The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson also made it's way to the check-out.  I love anything relating to psychology.  Books involving sociopaths and/or psychopaths are especially intriguing.  There seems to be one that hangs around the outskirts of my life that would fit into the sociopath category, so books that travel down this road are always interesting.

And of course, I bought Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James.  I never pay attention to hype, but I finally caved.  Since I've been reading hype for months, listening to reviews and discussions about it on the radio, reading tweets, and of course the book blogging community, I decided to get it now that it is in paperback.  Now, I love me some good sex in my reading- I have a TON of memoirs written by strippers and escorts, some of which are among my favorite reads ever. Fifty Shades peaked my interest.  It did take me about 200 pages to start to enjoy the story line, and I'm still plugging along.  I hope that it continues to heat up (no pun intended... well, maybe) and it finishes out strong!

Of course, this is just a smidgen of my TBR- I have about 7 others on my nightstand and a whole list I have yet to purchase.  I guess I just can't be trusted in a bookstore! :)

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