Book Blogger Hop

It's Book Blogger Hop time! Hosted by Jen and Crazy-for-Books, the Hop runs from Friday - Thursday, and this weeks question is:

How Many Books Do You Own?

A lot is an understatement.  I have a TON of books.  I have 4 full bookshelves. which probably equals somewhere around 300 books.  I also have a TBR stash on my nightstand, which houses about 20 books and a shelf in my kitchen that is home to 30 or so cookbooks.  My storage unit is also home to a few bins that have yet to be sorted (my apartment didn't have the space for a 5th shelf), I probably have about 50 in storage. I tend to horde my books.  I'm not someone who parts with books easily... plus, I don't have an eReader, so ALL the books I own are hard copies.

I guess, in all... I have about 400 books. That is a lot. Wow. I didn't think I had that much until I did the math... granted, it is just an average. I gotta get to organizing, sorting, and Goodreads updating.

But hey, I guess I could add in my Classroom Library too- that'd REALLY put my count over the top... my current YA / Middle School Classroom Library numbers somewhere around 200 (in progress!)... with an additional 300 or so in storage (from when I taught the wee little ones!).

Maybe I should unload a few books!

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  1. I trade almost every book I read on Paperbackswap.com . I very rarely will keep a book unless it is something very special.

    Thanks for stopping by ;)


  2. I will have to check that site out.. thanks for letting me know about it!

  3. Thanks fro stopping by. I love that you listed your cookbooks. I didn't even think of that. I only counted my books that I'd list a review for if I reread it. I know that's weird, but I'm kind of weird, lol.

  4. There is no probably with hoarding your books :). I have always had the instinct of purging mine. I didn't even think of adding all my art and art history books I have in storage (those I couldn't part with). Thank you for stopping by my blog

  5. I'm a book hoarder too! Unless I really didn't like a book I tend to keep all of them. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I'm a book Hoarder Too. I tend to keep them. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I get a few books from family and friends.

  7. I used to be a book hoarder, still sort of kind of am, lol. All my older books I've kept but I've fallen in love with thrift store books and used book stores, even the dollar store sometimes. I keep meaning to take them to my used book store but I tend to collect more then I'm able to keep up with in reading. Thanks for stopping by too!!