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Happy Friday & Happy Hop Day!
Jen at Crazy-for-Books is our wonderful Book Blogger Hop Hostess
This weeks question is:

What's the one super hyped book you'll NEVER read?

Easy: Twilight.
I read the synopsis, I saw the reviews, I watched 5 minutes of the movie on TV once... and I will NEVER EVER read it (or any of the other ones).  I just think that Bella as a character is so awful, and the whole story line just isn't my thing. I am definitely anti-Twilight.

Can't wait to see what everyone else has to say on the subject!

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  1. Hi -never read Twilight but I'm afraid to say it but i loved the movies. Then again I also loved Harry Potter but I had to read them to my son, so what can I say?
    As for me, my absolute no no for a book has to be Fifty Shades -not my thing and I don't like erotica at all, add to the fact it's not well written. Enjoyed your blog today.

  2. I am so on board! I said pretty much similar things on my blog post too :D

    Mainly the lack of thought or character just doesn't work.

    Dee, from e-Volving Books

  3. I probably will read Twilight one day - a couple of friends have written interesting analyses of how it works (for those who like it!) so I'm quite interested in seeing what made it so huge.

  4. I completely agree. Based on commercials for the movies and summaries of the book, Bella is definitely not the kind of character I like to read about. And I really don't get Edward or Bella's attraction towards him.

  5. I loved Twilight, but then again, I said Fifty Shades of Grey, and lots of people love that too. Love your blog, new follower. :)

  6. Twilight would be my second choice....never read that series, but it looks like I also agree with the most popular answer of the day!!! :) I have no interest in the book at all.

    It was all over the bookstores in Scotland....front and center. UGGH.

    Stop by my blog for my full answer if you like.


    Silver's Reviews

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  8. I read Twilight in 9th grade and loved it. I have since then, read a lot of better books. I really don't like Twilight at all anymore. Haha. New follower!

    Carson @ Reader with Voice

  9. I read the Twilight saga and watched a couple of the movies. I'm not a fan.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

  10. I will never read Twilight or its bastard offsprings, the 50 shades trilogy. never!

  11. I read all the books right before the first movie came out. At the time I loved the books. The movie was mediocre at best. Then, when New Moon was getting ready to release I went back to reread the series and I ended up tossing Twilight across the room because I realized how horribly written it is. Bella is the most annoying, cookie cutter character I have ever read. You aren't missing much.

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