Pin All The Things!

Ohh Pinterest... how I love you. How my housework hates you.
I can get lost into the world of pinning quite easily- although I am MUCH better now that the initial "holy awesomesauce!" has worn off.

I have 47 boards and am closely approaching 3000 pins. Yikes. In my defense- I have boards dedicated to my classroom (and I've used MANY of those pins), bookish things (duh.), food (with recipes I have actually made & loved), and lots of boards for house stuff (which I hope to put to good use when we close & move in to our home!).

3 of my bookish pinboards: Harry Potter // Bookish Stuff // Read Every Day

* My HP board is a collection of all things Harry Potter
* Bookish Stuff is an ecclectic collection of literary goodness
* Read Every Day is a visual collection of books I've loved (I plan to link up to reviews on Little Bird Reads with this board in the future)

I love pinning because I no longer have a million +1 bookmarks which get lost, or deleted... and worst of all, don't ever seem to transfer correctly from one computer to the next (let alone my phone).

During the course of my ArmchairBEA participation last week, I discovered so many wonderful new books. I started to jot them down. Then promptly lost the list somewhere between work and home. Shit! Now what? Well, the natural solution is to start ANOTHER pin board! I now have a TBR pin board to help me organize my pile/list of books. If you are a pinner, I'd love to see your bookish (and other) pinboards!

Happy Pinning!

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  1. Has you know i love Pinterest! I need to spend some time on it and organise it a little. I have just done a post about this, and i said i need to write my TBR list, i never thought about using Pinterest to record my TBR list. Cheers :) x