Best of 2012

Hello fellow ArmChair BEA-ers!  How is everyone doing on this fine Tuesday morning?  I'm still busy plugging away at the good 'ol day job (teaching the pre-teen mind) and carving time during my prep to troll through all of your fabulous blogs!

Today is GIVEAWAY day over at ArmChairBEA and many other bookish blogs.  Since I am not hosting a giveaway, I'll be entering some favorites and checking out the BEA Giveaway scene.. hurry- go look!!

In addition to giveaway day, the topic of discussion is Best of 2012... with the year half over, I gotta admit that I am not near as impressed with my reading as I have been in years past. I have spent a good chunk of recent reading with some old favorites- rereading the Harry Potter series. Even though it is not new(or even new to me), I still have to say that Harry Potter always is on my best of list. I also reread The Hunger Games trilogy this year in anticipation for the movie.

As I look back at my reading so far this year, the majority is rereads or books relating to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. However, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs sticks out in my mind as a favorite.  I thought it was a very interesting book and truly enjoyed the images tucked throughout the pages. Vintage photographs have always enchanted me (I have a small collection of oddities from my antique store visits) and I think combining the images with the story was very innovative and intriguing- it pulled the novel together.

So.. what are your Best of 2012?

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  1. I have Miss Peregrine's sitting in a pile, I really need to get to it.

  2. I LOVED Miss Peregrine's! Such a great book, and such a unique way to tell a story!

    And HP and HG re-reads are always a good idea!

    Here's my Best of 2012!

  3. Harry Potter is one of those series I love to re-read... but it's probably unfair of me if I put it on my favourites list every year that I re-read it :P

    Miss Peregrine's is on my to-read list. It sounds fascinating.

  4. I haven't read Harry Potter but I did love The Hunger Games series!

    I've heard nothing but great things about Miss Peregrine's. :)

    Here's my Armchair BEA Best of 2012 post and my giveaway post for today!

  5. My favorite favorite was Absolution by Patrick Flanery. I really need to read Miss Peregrine though! if you like the photo/story mashups you might like The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt :)

  6. I loved Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. I haven't had a chance to read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, but I've heard of it.

    I hope you have a great BEA-filled week!

    ~Christina (and the other Book Hookup Litbrarians)
    The Book Hookup's Best of 2012

  7. I gotta agree with you about my own reading, it's been a little on the lackluster side this year compared to past years. Luckily, there are plenty of months left!

    You can definitely never go wrong with HP and The Hunger Games. I finally read Hunger Games just before Christmas last year, a great gift to me for the holiday season. =D

  8. Thanks for the reminder about Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I have been meaning to read this book for months, and hopefully it will not be months more before I do.

  9. Wow, you might want a blogger intervention so we can get you into HPA (Harry Potter's Anonymous). lol

    I haven't read one but, of course, have seen the flicks.

    Now following your blog.

  10. They are amazing books to re-read. I haven't even read the hunger games trilogy once yet BUT i iwll, they are on my list lol seems like everything is on my list :( lol x