Networking.. IRL?

Hello ArmChair BEA-ers! 

Today's postings will be more of a learning experience for me... I must stay quiet on the local networking topic.. because I have done ZERO networking locally.  Help! I have no idea where to start or what to do (if I must be honest!) and would love to get some advice on networking in real life.  I desperately want to find local bookish friends. Once, a few years ago, I tried to start a book club at work- it was a gigantic flop- and I feel like that turned me off... so I'm really hoping that I get a lot out of browsing through today's postings.  This late-twenty-something girl needs some bookish advice!

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  1. I am not alone and this makes me sooo happy. I thought i was the only one who had zero experience in networking IRL. Thanks hun :) I can do a post now, i felt down because i thought i couldn't do one.x

  2. Hi there. this is going to be a learning experiences for me too.
    Aside from one awesome thing happening my networking skills are non existent.

    any way here's my armchair


  3. I hope you'll find the answers you're seeking for ;) ;) Enjoy today! And hope to see you at the Twitter party!! ;)

    1. I wish I had been able to join in the twitter parties more! They're so fun!

  4. Hi,

    Don't feel too bad it's hard to network. I think I would be too scared to do an in person book club but if I found the right one I think I'd investigate more.

    Your best bet would be to find a library event or see if you can start a book club at your library and see if it takes off better then your work one.

  5. I think that it's a learning experience for alot of us! I'm not naturally outgoing, at least until I know somebody well, so that can be very hard for me. I totally feel you!

  6. I would suggest that you keep an eye out for local events where you can meet people, try again with a book club - maybe join an established one, or look for other bloggers that you know live in your area.

    It can be very networking but getting to meet people who share your interests is very rewarding.