Armchair BEA: all wrapped up

What an experience!

This year I participated in Armchair BEA for the first time.  I can remember being so very jealous of all the fun book bloggers were having at Book Expo America in past years, and while I still was a bit jellie, at least this year I found the next best thing! Armchair BEA provided me with a week of fun, information, networking, giveaways, and blogging excellence.
I feel like this was absolute PERFECT timing for me.  My blog had fallen to the wayside, but recently I have been desperately missing the blogosphere. In the past year, so much has changed about my life. It was in hyper-drive and blogging was not even on a back burner in my mind.
Armchair BEA gave me the boost that I needed. It reminded me why I blog and why I love it. It reminded me that my blog is just that- mine, and I can blog however I want. It reminded me that there is an entire network of wonderful people just waiting to discuss great books. I also just started tweeting and #armchairbea totally helped me learn the ropes there too! But mostly, it reminded me that blogging was an outlet that I have been missing.

Thanks for a wonderful week, Armchair BEA.  You guys are awesome. It was a great experience and I look forward to next year!

Thanks for the HaPpY DaNcE because I was one of the daily winners!

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  1. this was fun this year, wasn't it? :-) congrats on your win!

  2. Glad you had a great time! I've enjoyed this event so much! Congratulations for being a winner!! :) Enjoy!

  3. You know I had so much fun doing Armchair BEA, I never thought of being jealous of the people who were actually going to BEA. Of course, I would love to go there myself, but I'm pretty sure it's never going to happen. This week of ABEA was just so much fun and I'll definitely be back again next year. :D

    Congrats on being a winner!!! :)

  4. It was my first year too and I had so much fun! Like Smiling_in_A said I never even thought about the real BEA (I couldn't have gone because of school). The twitter parties were AWESOME (yes in all caps) and I learned so much from #armchairbea! And the ABEA is also how I found your cute blog:)

  5. Glad you gained such powerful insight this week. That's terrific. I've had a great time meeting other book bloggers. Looking forward to forging friendships.