Ask the experts..

I am going to make this short & sweet...

My Ask the Experts question is:

How do you manage to keep up to date with your blog, the blogging networking, and your followers?

I feel like my blog always gets away from me... and before I know it, here it sits for months gathering dust on old and outdated posts.

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  1. I have to set some time each day for reading and blooding. It is a priority and rarely do I miss a day. Maybe your schedule will be every other day, or twice a week, but you need a schedule. Good luck!

  2. Well, that's blogging, not blooding. I'm on my iPad because I'm on vacation. Sorry!

    1. Haha- always gotta love an autocorrect fail!

      Thanks for the tip... I def need to set a schedule, and post ahead too!

  3. I'm not sure! That's one I'm trying to figure out myself, so I'll be checking back to see what other people have to say.

    I do schedule posts ahead of time. Memes are easy to schedule ahead. I'm working on formatting reviews and getting those prepared.

  4. Don't put so much pressure on yourself, just do what you can. Admittedly it is a lot to keep up with and I think we all lag behind from time to time.

  5. I set aside some time for it most days. It's time that's just for me to relax and either comment on blogs, write my own posts, or work on updating different aspects of the site (blog maintenance, etc). There are always a dozen things I could be doing in regard to the blog, but I never have time for them all.

    Sometimes during the year I go through phases where I will have a lot of time to work on the blog, others (like when my kids are at home during the summer) there is far less time available. Really blogging is something I could spend many hours a day on if I had the time available.

    I just try to pick what sounds like fun on that particular day (commenting, writing, reading, techie stuff) and go with it. The main thing is keeping it enjoyable, because it's a hobby for me and it should be fun.

  6. I just do it! Which probably isn't very helpful, but I hope this makes you smile: your blog is adorable! Happy Friday and Happy Reading!

  7. I don't! LOL. Sometimes I go a while before posting again. If I try to keep up I get stressed and then it just isn't fun anymore.

    One thing that really helps is scheduling. If I'm in the mood to write reviews, I'll write a few and then save them for later.

  8. I am a work in progress with the on-again off-again battle.

    What does seem to be helping is that one day a week, I push myself to write reviews. Now if I could actually make the reviews turn into posts? I'd be golden:)