Readathon Update #2

Update #2
Hours 3 & 4: 10am - 12pm

Currently reading: Anthem by Ayn Rand
Where I'm reading: back porch
Instagram posts: 1 (follow me @ papajm25)
Snacks devoured: none
Coffee consumed: 1
Breaks: about 30m gardening... got the seed starts out into the sun & watered, raked over the raised beds, watered the onion starts in their bed
Current mood: proud

Total pages read thus far: 301
Total time spent reading thus far: 2hr 25m
Books finished thus far: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Challenges completed thus far: 1

write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow


  1. Only one coffee consumed? I'm on my 4th and almost ready for more! Plus I have choc covered espresso beans so I'm sure that counts as at least 1 cup!!

    Sitting your back porch and gardening? Where are you from? Still too chilly here for outdoor RATing

    1. That was my 3rd cup... Only 1 during those hours :) lol. I so wish I had thought of chocolate espresso beans! Yum.
      I'm in central Ny so it's hit or miss... It was lovely earlier, now is threatening to rain and has cooled off.
      Where abouts are you?

  2. Great job so far! I've always wanted to do one readathon where I just reread HP books and see how far I get in one day. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! My least favorite book is Goblet of Fire so I'm putting HP reread on pause to try out some other books today.
      I do think a strictly HP Readathon would be awesome though!

  3. Awesome job so far!! I have yet to open a book, but as soon as I hit publish, that's where I'm headed ... at least for a little while. I have another mom duty that calls my name this afternoon.

    1. Hope you got some reading in so far Tif! What are you starting with?