Quickie Review: The Empire Striketh Back

Ian Doescher has done it again, folks! William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back is a phenomenal installment in his William Shakespeare's Star Wars series.
Exactly as it sounds- this is the retelling of The Empire Strikes Back- in Shakespeare's voice. Written as if you were reading Shakespeare himself, Doescher puts on a great act to make Star Wars and Shakespeare mash-up to become a geek thrilling tale.
I read the first in this series and was kind of underwhelmed- but I am chalking it up to over hyping the book. Now that I knew what to expect, I was ready and I enjoyed The Empire Striketh Back much more than I did William Shakespeare's Star Wars.
Once again, I'm recommending this to my geek lovers out there- trust me, you will love this just as much! A third installment comes out soon and I can't wait... I'm giving Star Wars Part The Fifth 4 stars!

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