Girl, Stolen: mini review

Girl, Stolen by April Henry was a quick and engaging read. I was captivated by the cover image- it was certainly a factor in ordering this one. The novel details the kidnapping of Cheyenne Wilder, a blind teenager who just so happens to be the daughter of Nike's CEO. Why was she taken? Will she survive this nightmare?

Girl, Stolen is a short novel that begins with a bang. Immediately starting in with Cheyenne's kidnapping, the reader is sucked in and instantly engaged in the story. The kidnapper and motives are clear, but the mystery remains as to how and if Cheyenne will survive this terrible twist of fate. What kept me interested in this story was curiosity  I wondered how it would end and if Cheyenne would survive. The characters we somewhat developed. I didn't think they were developed enough for me to connect, but it was enough to stay invested. The other factor keeping me invested was that this was a short novel at only 213 pages. Overall, I liked this one. It didn't blow me away, but it was a good quick read. I would suggest this as a short one for in-between your bulky reads and for those looking for an easy suspense filled mystery.

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  1. Sounds interesting! Going to have to put it in the to read pile... which will stop growing any day now :)

    Amber @ Book Geek Speaks

  2. Check out Pretty Girl-13, if you haven't already.