Movie Review: The Host

Looks good, right?

Barrett and I don't go to the movies too often, only when something is out that we *really* want to see. For me, that was The Host. I read the novel and completely loved it. Even though I hated everything about Twilight (sorry friends!!) in both book and movie form, I gave The Host a try because it had so much praise. After reading it, I was so glad I did. The novel was amazing. Stephenie Meyer did a phenomenal job with it. I was super excited for the movie to come out since I enjoyed the book so much. I showed Bear the trailer and he said that he would give it a try. His fear was that it would be Twlight-ish... I assured him it wouldn't, since the book was so different. Oh how wrong I was.....

I was snarking and "seriously?" and eye rolling for pretty much the get go. The movie was so poorly done is was funny. I thought the acting sucked and instead of being a phenomenal sci-fi movie, it was a teenage cheesy romance. Very Twilight like. Sorry Bear. Ugh.
I can understand that the dual dialogue was hard to portray on screen, but it was almost laughable how it was actually done. I was so disappointed with it... not sure what I expected of the Mel/Wanda dynamic, but I can certainly say it was not what was done. The romance aspect of the novel was fine- it was there but it didn't overshadow the book... not the case in the movie. The movie was so romance driven it was ridiculous to me. Annoyed with how cheesy it ended up on screen. Not to mention that the book as a whole just didn't translate to screen.
I'm pissed it turned out so crappy, and I'm annoyed that I wasted my money... and now have a sour taste in my mouth in relation to The Host. I loved the novel and hated the movie. Oh well. I know a lot of you may think differently, so please feel free to share your thoughts!

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  1. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to convince my hubby to go see this movie (especially if I told him the book was by the same author as Twilight haha). And really, we don't have time to go see many movies so I wanted to save our opportunities for the 2-3 we absolutely want to go see this year. After reading this, you confirmed my fears about The Host. It's such a shame because I liked the book so much (I also liked the Twilight books, though, lol). I despised the Twilight movies and it sounds like I'd feel the same way about The Host. What I hate about having seen even just two of the Twilight movies is that now I picture the characters as those actors. I hope that over time the movie will come to bother you less in relation to the story.

  2. I've heard pretty much the same thing from everyone who's seen it. I don't think I'm going to see it in the theater. I'll Red Box it.

  3. So, I admit I haven't read the Host or seen it, but just seeing Diane Kruger as the bad guy (I think) made me curious. But I'll wait for Redbox... if I remember.

  4. I didn't enjoy it much either. I agree completely that the acting was bad and the whole Wanda/Melanie relationship didn't translate well on screen. I was interesting, though, that my friend who didn't read the book loved the movie. I guess it was just a comparing-book-to-movie thing? I just thought it was a bad movie in general, but oh well.

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