Dewey's Read-a-Thon is almost here!

April 27th is just around the corner... 
Have you signed up for Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon???

I have and you can too! Join us... it is such a good time... 24 hours of reading and blogging and prize giving and cheerleading and reading and chatting and mini challenges and snacking and reading and tweeting and instagraming and READING!!

Heather and Andi are our wonderful hostesses... along with loads of volunteers! It is fun, and I know that for a fact even though I've only half-kinda-sorta participated in the past due to logistics of life... BUT this year I am going to go the whole way. I put it on my calendar and everything. Madeline will be with her mother that weekend and Barrett knows I am doing this so he is probably going to be working on the basement and leaving me to my reading... so I will be totally immersed in the 24 hours of reading! Woohoo!! Living in the great state of NY, my start time will be 8am (click here to find your start time)... which is perfect, that means a little sleeping in and coffee to start my read-a-thon off right!

I will post my reading outline and book stack as the date approaches! Hope to see you there!!

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  1. I wish I could commit to something like that. I think my husband would be sad if I spent a full 24 hours reading and blogging, lol. I hope you have fun, though!

  2. Ooh! I bet you'll get through a ton of books. That's awesome that Barrett understands and supports you.

    I have to work so I don't think I'll be signing up. I had to work on the last one, too :(