5-star Rating system!

Yes yes, I am behind the times... but I am finally putting up a rating system on my blog.. bear with me while I work out any kinks as I start this rolling. I am also going to try and back-log at least my 2013 read/reviews with this system. I took Leeanna's advice and elected not to use 1/2 stars, because like she said- many sites don't utilize 1/2 star systems. I'm sticking with stars because sometimes I change up my blog look, and stars are totally universal... I found the star icon from Icon Search Engine by Icojam. 

Ugh, don't even bother!

Eh, it was okay, but I wouldn't recommend it
Good... middle of the road but worth the read

Oooh great one, give it a go!
YES YES YES! Loved it, a MUST read!

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