These Things Hidden

I love love lovedddd Heather Gudenkauf's debut novel The Weight of Silence. It was a great read. I read it in 2010 and did a quick mini review of the novel... you can find it here.

I was certainly excited to get my hands on These Things Hidden after I fell in love with Heather Gudenkauf. I have had the novel sitting on my TBR shelf for over a year... it somehow ended up in the back of the stack and I forgot about it. I unearthed it not long ago while I was recuperating from a serious bout of stomach virus. As with Weight of Silence, it was a quick and thrilling read for me. I just couldn't put it down!

These Things Hidden follows the stories of four women, all of whom share some type of connection. Claire is the mother of Joshua, Allison is a young women just released from jail, Brynn is Allison's younger sister who is trying to navigate her way through life, and finally there is Charm, the sweet nursing student who shows a great deal of love and connection to Claire and Joshua. All four of these women have a veil of mystery surrounding them and their connections to one another. Some of these connections seem coincidental, while others have a tinge of forced connection. The story is written from all four of these women's perspectives- each chapter beginning with another voice. As the reader tries to put the different scenarios together, These Things Hidden begins to unravel the mystery of each women and her own tortured history. Moving along in the story we uncover the truth about the little boy who is central to it all and the reasons why Allison was sent to jail.

Twists and turns abound in this novel (much like The Weight of Silence) and it is a spectacular read. I ate this book up. Finishing it in just a few nights, the story plowed through and I couldn't look away. I was sad when I had to tend to daily life.. ya know, work and such things. Another stunning psychological thrill ride, Heather Gudenkauf delivers once again with These Things Hidden. This is a MUST READ!!!

This book has been on the TBR for ages and is my 7th book read for the Mount TBR Challenge.

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