Where did October go?

Well... I fell off the radar again.  October was a SUPER busy month... we had a lot of changes (new job for Joe and LOTS of new responsibilities that go along with my promotion) and not a lot of time.  I spent the majority of October being crazy stressed out.  I barely read- mostly I was reading November books for my classes.
Things are beginning to settle down now.. I'm in a rhythm at work and feel less stressed now that grades are in and my latest IEPs are finished, as well as getting some supervision & administrative stuff done.  Didn't think it would all come on so quick!
I have a bunch of reviews to catch up on, and I'd like to start a monthly review (end of the month) of what I read with my classes... and if I remember I will share a picture of my monthly book bin & accessories (it changes every month).  Right now I have a basket with a pretty fall wreath on it.  My accessories for November are a light-up scarecrow (he is tiny) and a homemade "Old Lady" from There Was An Old Lady... stories.

For now, I just wanted to update- I'll post something awesome soon, I promise!
write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow

ps: I was Princess Leia for Halloween (Hoth era)
pps: Really wish I had a better pic than the one at the right... not exactly the most flattering to 'turn and shoot' hahaha

ppss: Also really wish I had a hair shot- I did a damn good job on my Leia crown (and look it up- Hoth is NOT the coils at her ears gosh darn it!!)

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