October Book Bin

Each month, I make a book bin to place in my classroom.  It always holds books that pertain to that month (Holidays, Season, Birthdays, Themes etc.), activity books and games, plush 'friends' to read to, stickers and stencils, toys and often some sort of 'light'.  The actual bin also pertains to the month and theme.. sometimes it is a holiday-specific tote (like October) or a basket with decoration (like the bin you'll see for November).  I also try to find "book bags" as well- I didn't make any for October or November, but have a few for December which I will share.  The "book bag" is a tote or small bag which contains a book or two, activities that go along with the book and often a toy and a plush to read with... it is a good "school to home" connection.

Hopefully I will start remembering to take pictures while the bin is set up in my room- unfortunately I didn't think of it for my October bin (or my November bin).  So, without further ado... here is the October book bin from my classroom!

Halloween & Fall paperback books from the bin:

Halloween & Fall chapter books from the bin:

Monster-ghost puppet, plush witch, light up Jack-o-Lantern (we sat n the dark around this and read 'ghost stories'), Halloween sign, cackling and light up jack-o-lantern key chain (that I pushed allllll the time and the kids absolutely LOVED- and also worked as a transition signal)

My cauldron of "fun"- filled with spider rings, creepy crawlies, stencils, pencils, tattoos and craft kits... it was also filled with candy goodness!!

 The bin all put together (minus the keychain- that was actually on my work keys)

October activities: History of Halloween, Halloween activity games (and a lot of other fun Halloween, fall, apple and harvest activities), creepy window-cling eyes and stickers

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