Beth Fish Reads asks us to...
share a picture of our TBR pile

I have 3 TBR piles- a mental TBR pile of all the books I want to read but don't own, a stack of YA books that I have to pre-read before adding them to my class library, and a pile of books I've purchased and/or won that I have yet to read

Obviously, I don't have a picture of my mental TBR list, but here are my other two stacks:

The left is most of my TBR... I have a few
books shoved in my shelves that are Joe's books that I want to read and haven't pulled out to add to my pile.  This is a center square on one of my 4 bookshelves.  The right is a bad angled shot of my YA books to pre-read... they normally end up stacked in "my room" (a spare bedroom that we converted into a walk-in closet/craft room/office for me)

Maybe if I feel ambitious later on, I will take a picture of our 4 separate bookshelves... and the little piles next to each shelf since we are beginning to overflow and need to buy a 5th shelf!

Hope everyone has been enjoying their Thankfully Reading Weekend!

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  1. There are some fun books in your pre-read pile.

    I have Coop on my shelves and I loved Wintergirls! We share some other titles too.

  2. I see quite a few titles there that we both have in common!