I'm grateful for....

Jen {of Devourer of Books} has asked...
..what reading community are you thankful for?

I agree with Jen that reading is a solitary activity, but is much more enjoyable when there are people to share it with.  I must say that I am grateful for the blogging community and the support, ideas, memes, challenges, suggestions and encouragement- even if I'm not that great at the blog-world or keeping up with it!  {I promise that I am trying to stay on top of it more!!}  I started blogging to remind myself what I was reading and what I thought about it... then I thankfully stumbled upon the huge book blogger community!  {Shout out to the crafting blogger community too!- I'll post pictures soon, promise!}
I'm also fortunate enough that Joe enjoys reading and will let me babble on about books and has no issue with my B&N obsession {he is just as bad!}

So, what about everyone else?

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  1. Jenna, I remember a couple years ago when I discovered the book community too. I was so excited that there were people out there who wanted to talk about books. It was amazing. And each day that community continues to amaze me.

  2. How nice that your partner is just as into books as you are!

  3. We'd be in trouble of my husband enjoyed books as much as I do! I'd have to cut back on the number of books I have to make room for his! Luckily (for me!) he just reads for knowledge and only has one small, depressing bookshelf!