While I'm away...

Happy Tuesday!  I'm currently on a trip up North {I'm writing this before bed Monday} to the New York State Children's Mental Health Services Coalition.  I'll be gone until Wednesday night with our 3 Directors and 5 of my colleagues to learn about various methods and listen to seminars for working with our population of clientele.  Some seem very interesting, and there is even one on mindfulness & meditation- which I am super excited to attend since meditation pretty much saved me from self-destruction a few years back.  I'd love to learn new ways to incorporate both mindfulness & meditation into my classroom.  It should be fun because the people I am attending the coalition with are totally awesome.  Plus, we represent the diversity of our agency- our directors, 2 family life specialists / direct care, a teacher assistant / direct care,  our program manager / recreation therapist, our behavior prevention specialist and myself, lead teacher / education.  Not only do I truly like the people I am going with {both as co-workers and as friends}, but they are all amazing at what they do.  It is bound to be a good time to bond & grow professionally as well.

Dark Places: A NovelWhile I am gone, I am bringing books with me.  I haven't finished Dark Places  by Gillian Flynn yet, so that is coming along- I hope to finish it on the ride up to the coalition.  I also packed When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase to read during down-time.  When Rabbit HowlsWe'll have to see how well I do staying awake in the car & reading versus falling asleep!
Be back Thursday with a review!

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  1. I hope you have a great time and find it very useful. And I hope you have some time to read as well. ;)