Jason and the Draconauts - the sequel!

Hey gang - who remembers when I encouraged you all to back the Kickstarter for my friend and his book, Jason and the Draconauts? Well, as you know- it got backed... and Paul's first book was published. It is great and Paul continued to write. Letting the series unfold, Paul has finished the sequel to Jason and the Draconauts and he needs your help to make the dream of a sequel become reality!!

Jason and the Draconauts: The Council of Ancients continues the story of Jason, the dragon Petros, and their allies. Your burning questions from the first novel are answered, but even more questions arise in this second installment. Once again, a great YA novel worthy of getting out there for young fans of fantasy, flight, and fun. I mean really- who doesn't love dragons?!! That is reason enough to back this project!!

So what are you doing? GO! Run and back the project!!

ps: If you haven't checked out Jason and the Draconauts, you can grab it here

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