It's almost readathon time!!

It's almost that very special time of the year - Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon!!! Who else is excited for Saturday?!?!

I LOVE Dewey's Readathon and participate as often as I can...

If you don't know- this is a semi-annual  readathon, where our big beautiful community of readers spend the day reading, chatting, blogging, and sharing our experiences. We do this in honor of Dewey, who started the readathon in 2007. Now hosted by Andi and Heather, the readathon continues to thrive and bring fun and community to readers in a great shared experience.

This time, I will be participating all day! Bear will be fishing in Pulaski so I'll just be hanging around the house... reading and snacking. Speaking of- if you've never done the readathon before, let me tell you that diverse snacks are as important as diverse books. I'm serious, trust me on this. Coffee is also necessary. Lots and lots.

So, the October readathon is always extra fun for me because it is my favorite time of year and coordinates well with RIPX .. and this year, a new surprise - Andi coordinated a little challenge: 15 in 31 (to read 15 books in the 31 days of October) and of course I am joining in on that! I need a reading boost.

So, all this comes together nicely and my hope is to put a big dent in my RIPX stack and get a bunch of books read for #15in31.

I plan to update the blog throughout the readathon this Saturday, but sometime it takes too much of my focus away, so I decided to sign up with my focus being on Instagram. I can update quicker on my IG page and still stay connected, so you will find me hanging out there the most. You can connect with me on Instagram (papajm25), Twitter (LittleBirdReads), and here on the blog.

I hope you'll be joining us!!

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