Allow me to introduce myself....

Hello, fellow readathoners!!
Time for introductions!
I'm Jenna - wife, stepmomma, reader, teacher, and Potterhead with an annoyingly inquisitive mind.

1. I'm reading from the great state of New York... in Binghamton, to be exact. I like it here. Today is looking beautiful with the sun shining on our stunning fall foliage with a nice crisp air. There's rumors though that we may see some snow showers soon!
2. The book I'm most looking forward to is Station Eleven.
3. I'm most excited for my SmartPop. It's always my favorite snack! I'm also really looking forward to dinner... Bear went fishing yesterday and brought home a gorgeous salmon. Can't wait to see what he cold up tonight!
4. I did more prep this year. I prepped my
log in a notebook to cut wasted time. I'm also not focusing on blog posts. I'll only do a few updates this time.

Well, that's all for me! Hope you're all having a fun day so far!

write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow

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