Jason & the Draconauts

Remember when I swooned over this little project by a colleague of mine? He was writing a YA novel on his blog and posting chapters and artwork.... well, fast forward to now... Paul Smith is officially done with Jason and the Draconauts! I have read the entire book and completely LOVE it. It is an amazing read- seriously. Adventure and fantasy collide to create this prefect new young adult novel.

Okay, so how many of you have ever written a book and wanted to get published? Hard road to travel, right?.... well, Paul has started a Kickstarter to help him move along in this amazing process. PLEASE help him get there and donate to his Kickstarter. Every $1 helps! Look through his backing offers though- some levels include copies of the book in different formats and even an author visit!  How cool is that??! Let me speak from experience on this one-- Paul read his book aloud (a chapter a week) to my middle school classroom when he was in the early stages of writing Jason and the Draconauts. My students were the lucky kids who got the very first live author visit from Paul himself... and TRUST ME, he is totally awesome to have as a visiting author in the classroom. Enthusiam abounds!
Anyone who knows me, knows I don't back things unless I think they are amazing. This is one of those things. Click the video below and get over to Paul's kickstarter page.

You can also find Paul on FB or on his blog.

ps: you'll notice that as of writing (7.9.13) my name is not on the backer list and there is one (and only one) reason for that... mortgage was due and my paycheck doesn't come until next week. SO, I really hope when I get on next week and finally get to back him at the level I want, I hope to see some of you there as well! Let's get behind a book that YA Lit will love!

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  1. You pay your mortgage over supporting books?!? Where are your priorities?

    1. hahaha I know, right?!! *hangs head in shame*