Jason and the Draconauts

Hello book bloggers!  I have the very special pleasure of sharing with you a new YA novel that is currently in progress and posted online.  The story is titled Jason and the Draconauts and chronicles main character Jason as he discovers a dragon in his barn and all the adventure that follows.  I can't give much away- as it is in early stages (up to chapter 4) and you just have to read it yourself!  Adventure is the name of the game here!

So please head over to Smitty Man and check out Jason and the Draconauts.  Those of you with blogs, leave your feedback here or on any of Smitty's posts.  He is really looking for quality feedback- and I know all of you book bloggers out there can really help!!, especially those of you who specialize in YA and children's literature.

On a side note: my students are listening to the novel (1 chapter per week) an are LOVING it!!

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