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Welcome to the weekly Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Jen over at Crazy-for-Books

This week, she asks a blogging question:
What is the one thing your blog followers do not know about you?

You probably have no idea that I have dabbled in photography. I have a beautiful Nikon DSLR and have spent many wonderful moments photographing both people and things. I've been featured in the newspaper, featured during Binghamton's First Friday Art Walk at a local cafe, featured in the Arts in the Parks summer fest, and had multiple pieces in rotation at local galleries. I've also done engagement photos. All of these things were a few years ago (mainly late 2007 to early 2010), as I am  not actively photographing anymore. Now I only photograph for pleasure. While I enjoyed my stint in photography, my life just happened to lead me in another direction. 

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  1. I'm blog hopping! That's awesome. My daughter loves photography too.
    Thanks for sharing! New Follower!
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  2. I love photography too, but have never done anything as serious (or accomplished) as you. I mostly do our own family portraits and those of people close to us. Old Follower!

  3. Great on your photography interest. You should keep it up along with your other interests.

    Have a fun hop.

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  4. I've always admired photographers. I actually just discovered a young girl (in her 20's) who does photography and sets people up in the most interesting venues - for instance she set up a wedding party on an old trestle bridge nearby. I'm thinking of hiring her to take our long overdue family picture this Christmas.

    Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey I am blog hoping LOL :D
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  6. Photography is one of those things that I'm trying to learn more about but there are just so many aspects to it! Not to mention the actual artistic aspect. Very neat that you've been featured through your photography!