I love spooky and scary and all things related to horror... Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the smells and sights.. and I also love Halloween and anything relating to horror. So naturally, I must join up with some sort of bookish blogging event. I wanted to join something that would last for a longer period of time so I decided to join in the fun at R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VII hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings. R.I.P. is in its seventh year and runs from September 1st through October 31st with lots of ways to participate.

I will be joining R.I.P. in the following ways:

I will be reading 4 spooky stories as part of the Peril the First commitment level. I haven't picked out all my books, but I do know that one will be FEED by Mira Grant, since it has been sitting on my TBR pile for some time now.

I don't often read short stories, but I find that whenever I do, they are always spooky stories. I plan to step it up and read more short stories in the next two months. So I am joining in the Peril of the Short Story as a way to step outside my normal reading and plan to get some horror collections for my Kindle... any suggestions? 

Since I love love love scary movies, I will also be participating in Peril on the Screen. So far, I've seen the new movie The Possession and will review that soon on the blog and link up to R.I.P.

Last, I will be joining in both the September and the October group reads.  The Estella Society is hosting The Little Stranger by  Sarah Waters for the September Group Read. Since I am joining in late (and this is a bulkier read) I doubt I'll be ready for the discussion on the 10th, but I do plan to finish it along with the rest of the group on the 17th. For October, Carl is hosting the Group Read of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book.

September Group Read:
Hosted by The Estella Society
Hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings

I am SUPER excited to join this two month stroll down Spooky Street! To join in the fun, head on over to Carl's introductory post and sign up!

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  1. Welcome Jenna! So great to see you so excited about this one and I'm thrilled you are joining us.

    Also great to see that you are wanting to do both group reads. I've been enjoying The Little Stranger very much. It is a slow-building story which to me is perfect as it embodies the atmosphere of what inspired R.I.P. in the first place. And I adore The Graveyard Book and can't wait to re-read it and to discuss it with others.

    As for short story collections, one I highly recommend is The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. It is filled with dark, brooding fairy tale retellings and is an amazing, and not too long, collection.

    If you like YA fiction and love a good "round the campfire" haunting story, there are three books by Chris Priestly that are must reads: Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror, Tales of Terror from the Black Ship, and Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth. All are excellent.

    1. Hi Carl!
      Thanks for the recommendation to snag The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. I looked at it and was a bit sad it isn't available for my Kindle. It sounds intriguing and I'm hoping I can find it locally. I think I'll also enjoy the books by Chris Priestly and will be grabbing those for my Kindle. Thanks for such great suggestions for YA fiction.

      I'm so excited to join in RIP7! This is my first year and I love all the options you've created. I adore everything about this time of year, and love to curl up with a good scary novel & watch a great horror flick.