RIP Movie Review: The Possession

On a rainy Labor Day evening, Bear and I went to see the new horror movie of the moment "The Possession". We watched the trailers and it seemed intriguing. Not to mention the fact that it is based on a true story. "The Possession" is about a young girl, Emily, and her family's experiences with a box she found at a garage sale. As the story unfolds, we see Em becoming more and more obsessed with the box. We eventually learn that the box is actually designed to hold a dibbuk (an evil spirit) but when opened it can unleash the spirit and terrorize those who are exposed to the box.  The Possession follows Emily's possession and her family's struggle to save her from the grip of this box.

My Thoughts:

The Possession has a good story line; I've always enjoyed movies and stories of possessions and exorcisms. My all-time favorite horror movie (and novel) is The Exorcist. I really thought this movie would deliever, especially after viewing the trailer. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed. I'm always looking to get scared, but it certainly didn't do the trick. I never even jumped. Nor did I have any "oh shit!" moments in the theater. Oh, and no creeped out thoughts while in bed that night. Barrett felt the same way as I did. He didn't jump and he wasn't too impressed. We both walked out of the theater talking about how poor the horror movies are nowadays and nothing seems to terrify either of us. Overall, I thought The Possession was weak. Good concept for sure, but it just didn't thrill us. 
I suggest waiting for this one to hit Netflix & Red Box

Last, can I add that this movie poster for The Possession is awesome & creepy? Totally love it... just wish this translated in the theater.

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  1. One thing that got to me was how the hand came out of the man’s mouth in the movie, but it shows it coming out of the girl’s mouth on the poster. Though I wasn’t frightened like I was in The Exorcism, there were times when I got the shivers. I watched the movie with a few Dish coworkers and one of them said the creepiest part for her was Emily on the swing and how she looked. I would like to see the movie again, but I’m more than okay with waiting for it to come out on DVD, which is why I’ve added it to my Blockbuster @Home queue. This movie definitely ruined yard sales for me.

    1. Damon, I totally hear what you're saying about the hand.. I think based on the poster they really could have enhanced that part. I agree with your coworkers about the swing scene- Emily suddenly standing in the yard was a bit creepy (not to mention the gross teeth moment). I'm sure I'll watch it again once it hits Netflix too.

      Oh, and I had not thought about yard sales AT ALL until your comment.. so now I'm weirded out! Thanks!! Hahah