RIP 7 update & scenes from reading

I've been away from the blog for much too long! Things have been busy the past few weeks with work and Autumn planning (we have a Fall Festival at work that I help organize for the kiddos and I've been busy making & baking around the house!). I have been reading and perusing the creepy movie scene. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Sinister next week (Oct 12) and cannot wait to go! I heard on the radio the other morning that it was so scary people are walking out of the theaters... FINALLY- a movie that may be worthy of true fear. I haven't seen a movie that freaked me out in ages, so I am hoping that Sinister is able to fill the void.
Reading has been slow though. My classroom just received our 14 Galaxy tablets and my time was spent diligently unlinking social networking, setting up the WiFi at work, creating student gmail accounts, and downloading and adding educational apps. Which, let me tell you- sounds like no big deal, but goodness gracious! It took for-ev-errrr. 

I've been reading FEED by Mira Grant and although I am enjoying it, it hasn't been holding my attention to plow through... I spent a lot of time at the doctors offices waiting this past few weeks, so I got a fair amount read there. However, I still have about 150 pages left, but I am determined to finish it by the weeks end. 

I've also begun The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman for the RIP 7 October Read Along... that is on my Kindle and of course I just started it when my battery died. Ugh. Plopped her on the charger and I will resume reading this evening.

Recent scenes from my reading:
Reading FEED in the car, reading on the window seat in our hotel, FEED in bed, sometimes I hoop & read, reading Goblet of Fire aloud to my class, and reading in the doctors office
Saw this in a bathroom stall & just had to share!

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  1. I know how that can be, I work full-time, so it can be hard sometimes to find time to keep up on my blog, but I do the best I can :)