The Graveyard Book Discussion II

I'm currently reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman as part of RIP VII and our October Read-Along. RIP VII mastermind, Carl, is the our fearless host for this read-along. We're reading the book in 3 sections from Oct 1st - Oct 21st, with discussion posts throughout. Of course, being the non-organized and busy blogger that I am, I didn't write up a discussion post of the first chapters. Oops. So, before I delve into discussing chapters 4 - 6, I will give you a few thoughts on the first chapters.

Overall, The Graveyard Book quickly sucked me in, especially in the first few chapters. Right from the get-go I was interested in the man Jack and his motives. Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Owens was a pleasure, and the entire concept of ghosts raising a live baby is fascinating. As the story unfolded before me, I was searching for snippets of information pertaining to Bod and his rearing in a graveyard. The language and formalities in The Graveyard Book are both magical as they span centuries.
The illustrations are also a beautiful edition to the story. I have the Kindle edition, but think I will likely end up purchasing the hardcover so the gorgeous illustrations.

Basically, I was swooning over the first few chapters of The Graveyard Book. I was quickly falling in love. As I plugged along as a fierce pace, I was falling even more in love with Neil Gaiman and his writing. It is simply spectacular. Being the first Gaiman book I have ever read, I wasn't sure what to expect. Plain and simple- blown away.

Bod is such a sweet sweet boy. In chapter 4 (The Witch's Headstone) we get to see his curiosity continue to flourish as he tries to uncover (and help!) the resident witch. Bod begins to show signs of independence as he  once again disobeys his parents and guardian. I was certainly on the edge of my seat when he went in to town and tried to pawn the brooch- and what exactly IS up with the brooch?? It sounds stunning and I totally want to know more.

The Danse Macabre was a bit confusing to me, it seemed somewhat out of place in the story. I did enjoy the songs that were sung throughout that chapter. Quite poetic, actually.

The Interlude awoke my questions about the man Jack... what exactly is going on?? I am thrown off and once again thinking back to the very first chapter where we first meet the man Jack. 

The 6th chapter, Nobody's Owens' School Days, has a great message about bullying and standing up for others but also a bit about ego and growing up. I think Bod got a little bit high and mighty in this chapter, especially in the way he handles the bullies. I loved Silas' role in this chapter as well, especially how he saves the day. Overall, I enjoyed this chapter and had a difficult time stopping myself from reading on!

How are the rest of you enjoying the book so far? I know it is a re-read for many of the RIP VII participants, so I am interested in reading your posts & hearing your opinions on the chapters, especially with the knowledge of the rest of Bod's adventure in the graveyard and beyond. Check out other participants and link up your thoughts over on Carl's blog.
I'll be seeing you all around the blogosphere this week!

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  1. Hi Jenna,
    So glad you're enjoying The Graveyard Book! I am, too. :)
    That interlude awoke my questions about the man named Jack, too! I figured we'd hear more from him before the story ended, but I did not expect the implication that the plan to kill Bod and his family was so organized! What is going on??

  2. Hi Jenna,

    What a treat to read your first Gaiman book! I would also recommend Stardust and especially Neverwhere--one of my new favorite books!

    I'm with you in that I didn't love the Danse Macabre as much as I did the other chapters. Looking forward to more discussions.

  3. I will have to return to this entry once I finish reading the book. Happy reading :)