Don Quixote and The Secret Garden for babies??

I think it is pretty safe to say when you think of Don Quixote, your mind doesn't immediately pair it with that of a smiling baby. What about The Secret Garden? You may think of young adolescents with that title, but certainly not wee littles. Well, Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver are here to change that!

Pairing up again, the duo created Don Quixote, a Spanish Language Primer and The Secret Garden, a Flowers Primer for their wildly popular BabyLit series. I've seen a few of the BabyLit titles, and I have always been impressed. They're fun, colorful, and educational. These board books are the perfect gift for geeky Mom's and Dad's everywhere.

Don Quixote: A Spanish Language Primer by Jennifer Adams
Art by Alison Oliver
A BabyLit Book, Gibbs & Smith // April 1, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1423638759
Board Book, 22pgs
source: review copy from author
Don Quixote focuses on the Spanish language. It is a fabulous introduction to the most important of Spanish words... like books,lady, windmills, friends, goat, and bed (to name a few). The illustrations that pair with the side by side images and words (English, followed by Spanish) are adorable. They're bright and bold- exactly what little eyes need.

The Secret Garden: A Flower Primer by Jennifer Adams
Art by Alison Oliver
A BabyLit Book, Gibbs Smith // March 1, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1423638728
Board Book, 22pgs 
source: review copy from author
The Secret Garden focuses on flowers of all kinds. Featuring beautiful snowdrops, snapdragons, and roses paired with quotes from the classic tale. With bold flowers on one side and a quote on the other, nestled into a simple full page doodle on the opposite, this primer is sure to charm. The quotes don't make sense outside of matching the flower being introduced - BUT that doesn't make it any less lovable. I think lovers of the original story will appreciate the combination of flower and quote.

Both books, in my opinion, are great. As an educator, I can see their value for little eyes and ears, as well as the value for the adults in their lives reading these books with and to those little people. They're both deserving of 5 stars!

Reading these aloud to your babies must be a thrill. Since I have no babies, I will be passing these on to my best friend, Danielle, and her wee one - Maddy. I will fill you in on their take soon.  Danielle and I discovered BabyLit together when she was pregnant. Danielle is a massive Jane Austen fan, so of course she has those. I know that she loves them, as does her daughter. The BabyLit series is a wonderful way to introduce classics, learning, beautiful art, and the love of books.

The BabyLit series also encompasses other series of books by Jennifer Adams and Allison Oliver, as well as tie in products like puzzles, buttons, and tote bags. They even have digital products too, through the Amazon app store to buy for your techie kiddos!

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Book images and information from Amazon.com

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