Coloring Book Upgrade!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you now that adult coloring books are all the rage right now. I love coloring... and as any teacher will tell you, coloring is a therapeutic tool and a great way to help learn.
Now that the rest of the world has caught up to the secret world of coloring, you've likely seen these beautiful coloring books popping up all over the place.
Well, I'm here to introduce you a serious coloring book upgrade!!
Disclosure: Yes yes, I know this is a "children's activity book" but I am totally counting it towards adult doodling, because, well... it just feels like one that adults can enjoy too!

Doodle Lit by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver
Gibbs Smith // August 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1423635512
paperback, 272 pgs
source: review copy from author

About the book:
Now kids can celebrate classic literature in doodle form! With Doodle Lit, artists can use their imaginations to complement favorites such as Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, and many more.
Kids can follow the entertaining prompts provided and put pencils to work doodling such things as:
• Mr. Darcy’s dog
• Bob Cratchit’s Christmas tree
• Tattoos on Queequeg’s arms
• Anna Karenina’s hairdo
• Dress designs for Elinor and Marianne
Sprinkled throughout are also designs with perforated edges, perfect for popping out and crafting! Illustrated in the same colorful and playful style as the acclaimed BabyLit board book series.

My thoughts:
Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver are the creators of Doodle Lit. It is a beautiful mash-up of classic literature and coloring and doodling. Doodle Lit is a large (8 1/2 x 11) thick book full of classic literature icons ready or you to doodle and color with. Pages upon pages of words and illustrations inspired by lit greats like Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, and Mark Twain make for a fun and engaging book! The doodles are open for the reader (doodler!) to add on, color, and expand their imagination. It is truly a book that is meant for full user interaction and is definitely an upgrade, in my opinion, from just a coloring book.
I shared the book with my stepdaughter (who is 9)and with my students (who are 12 - 14), thinking they'd get a kick out of it. They certainly did! Not only did they like the idea of coloring and doodling in a book but they also seemed to really like learning about the classics and their authors. They all seemed to know the names and titles, but not much about the actual author or the novels, so this helped me launch into teaching about them. It really was a fun way to experience classic literature.

The pages are full of doodle prompts and plenty of literary goodness to inspire! I absolutely recommend adding this to your coloring book and doodle book shelf... you'll have fun reliving classic literature as well as doodling like a kid again!

About the authors:
Jennifer Adams is the author of more than two dozen books, including titles in the BabyLit series, which introduces children to the world of classic literature. She lives in Salt Lake City. Visit her website at www.jennifer-adams.com

Alison Oliver runs Sugar Design Studio. Alison’s portfolio includes everything from logos to packaging and product design for clients such as Chronicle Books, Citibabes, and Aerie, as well as Gibbs Smith. She lives in New York.

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Cover image, author information, and synopsis from Gibbs Smith website

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