Rereading The Goblet of Fire

It has long been known by those close to me that my least favorite book and movie of the Harry Potter series is The Goblet of Fire. The 4th year at Hogwarts just doesn't do it for me. I know a lot of people disagree and absolutely LOVE Goblet of Fire because of all the action, but for me, it just wasn't. The action is there for sure, but it just it too slow going for me. That probably sounds strange, since it isn't exactly a slow read.... I can't explain it any other way though. It just has always felt slow and muddled to me while reading. Granted, I still think it is a 4-star book... it is just a the 4 star in a series of 5 star, in my opinion.

After rereading it for the 10th time (literally), I still came away with the same feelings. I maybe enjoyed it a teensy tiny itty bit more than I have in the past - mainly because I was a bit more open to it. I went into it this time with as clean a slate as one can possibly have after reading it so many times. I think going in with the idea that this is not my least favorite and just reading it to read it, is what helped me see some of the pleasure it the book. The action is definitely there. It is an intense book and reading it without the filter of "I don't like this one" helped me acknowledge that it is a fun adventure from the get go. The Quidditch World Cup is really a fun adventure, I always seem to forget about it until I reread it. Detail and excitement are big as the troupe embarks on the event- not to mention the hysteria that follows. The romance is there too. I love the Ron - Hermione dynamic that unfolds with GoF.. but I could do without Lavender - although she does offer some comedic reprieve. I also really like that Hermione gets some outside attention as well - good for her! You can see a little confidence boost. The friendship squabbling is important too - I think it shows the reality of friendship more than we have seen in previous books. They're growing up, hormones flying, and together pretty much 24/7 - arguments are bound to happen and it is nice to see them act as foolish teenage friends every once in awhile. Brings it back to reality that they are just kids navigating a very adult problem.

Finally, the biggest thing I noticed after this reread was how drastically different the book is from the movie. I've always ranked GoF film as my least favorite for that reason, but rereading it again and then watching the movie almost immediately after really put the spotlight on the issue. I understand that it happens and is necessary is book to film adaptations, but damn does this one just piss me off. It is too far off the book for me.

So, fellow Potterheads... what are your thoughts on Harry's 4th year and the Triwizard Tournament? Do you love it or do you hate it? And how about that film adaptation - what do you think about the differences, both big and small?

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  1. That's funny that you so dislike it. It's actually one of my faves. I don't think it's my very favorite overall, but up until this point in the series, it was definitely my favorite. (Of the first four, I mean.) It's actually the book that made me a die-hard fan. I do agree that the film was quite different and I disliked a lot of those differences. I thought they did an amazing job on the ending, though. Anyway, great post. Here's mine! :D

    1. Just finished reading your post - I totally get it, even though GoF was my least favorite, I can absolutely appreciate why it is one of your favorites. Especially with your thoughts on the tipping point and how epic a tale it is.