Bout of Books 12 - day 3 wrap up

Another day gone by! Wednesday was busy and I predicted that I wouldn't have much BoB time... and I was right. We had a meeting at work which ran late, then I went home and tackled the sad task of taking down the tree and all our holiday decor. I ended the night with friends at wing night. Fun day, but unsuccessful BoB day!

Blogging Stats:
I did zip, zilch, nada, nothing! (well, except my day 2 wrap up post)

Reading Stats:
Book(s) read: Those Who Remain by Priscila Santa Rosa
Pages read: 13
Time spent reading: 10 minutes in bed

Bout of Books Totals:
Book(s) completed: Lovey by Mary MacCracken
Pages: 86
Time: 1hr 20m
Blog posts: 6 (including this)
Challenges completed: 2

write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow

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