Finally!! Pandemic!!!

YEARS. I have waited years for this novel to come out. Back in 2010, I read the first two books in this amazing series by Scott Sigler. Infected and Contagious were two of my favorite novels that year. (you can find my reviews here and here). They're both novels that I fondly looked back upon and patiently waited for the series completion with Pandemic. Scott Sigler himself actually commented on one of my posts and said Pandemic would be out Halloween of 2011- so I waited... and waited.. then time passed and I stopped frantically checking his website and only came back here and there. But, Pandemic was still in the back of my mind. During my wait for Pandemic, I read Ancestor by Scott Sigler and loved it. It kept me going while I waited!
Then, this year, it finally happened. Pandemic was released on January 21. I immediately put myself on the long wait-list for the ebook library loan. Then I journeyed back to the beginning... I reread Infected and Contagious and again rekindled my love affair with Scott Sigler's writing. I loved them both just as much as the first time around. They were both still just as creepy and just as engaging. Once I powered through them (again!) I began Pandemic. I started out on the ebook loan (knowing full well that I'd get the hardcover once I hit up a bookstore) and was immediately sucked in. Within a few days I returned my ebook in favor of the gorgeous hardcover. As I read on, things just kept connecting... back to Infected and Contagious of course, but also to Ancestor- a stand-alone novel that Sigler released in the summer of 2011. Characters and location crossed paths, as well as some hints at deeper connections. This thrilled me! I was so excited to meet up with characters from another novel of his, right in the middle of my favorite series!
Pandemic upheld the creepy vibe and the worlds imminent doom. All the key players were there- Murray, Montoya, Otto... I was missing Dew and Perry, but memories surfaced to keep my sorrow at bay. There are differences this time around- the infection has changed. It has morphed and been reawaken, thus beginning he pandemic. Finding a cure is necessary for human kinds survival. The infected also act differently. It has changed the way they behave- and not for the better. Things begin to get out of control. WAY out of control. The pandemic spreads and chaos ensues.

I cannot say enough about how great this novel is. Absolutely meeting the high bar that was set in Infected and followed through with Contagious, Pandemic is a phenomenal novel. If you haven't already read this series, it is time you got to it!!

...and just in case my reviews didn't entice you, check out this book trailer.

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ps: I also noticed a few things may just be left open for more... could it be that even though we're told this is the conclusion, that there is potential for just one more book?

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